PhD and Masters Defense Success

Picture_JudithAre you preparing to defend your PhD dissertation, Master’s thesis, or proposal?

Do you want to wow your audience and committee?

Do you need help in preparing for job interviews or exploring non-traditional careers?

Dr. Judith Pollack has been helping people just like you to Stand Up and Speak Well.

The most important day in your graduate school career is the day that you defend your PhD dissertation or Master’s thesis. That’s the day when you show your colleagues that you’re an expert in your field. The problem is that you have never done a defense presentation before, and you’re a nervous wreck!

Dr. Pollack has worked with many PhD and Master’s candidates to prepare them to defend their proposals and dissertations. And having had first-hand experience in defending her own PhD thesis, she understands the process and helps you deliver what your committee members want to see and hear. Dr. Pollack will work with you one-on-one to craft a winning presentation, giving you the feedback you need and coaching you so that you’re confident for the big day.

Dr. Pollack has also helped many students prepare for job interviews and explore non-traditional careers. She speaks to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows about professional development and strategic planning for their careers.

What Successful PhDs and Professors say about Dr. Pollack:

 I was grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Pollack’s public speaking workshop. Without attending her workshop, I would not have been able to successfully defend my dissertation without public speaking being an issue. Thank you! (Dr. HH).

I would like to express thank you for your help in my dissertation presentations. Your feedback was invaluable! (Dr. MTO)

She has worked with many students of PROMISE to prepare them for defenses and presentations. I’ve seen faculty members sing her praises at defenses. She has also helped PROMISE students win awards at conferences (Dr RT, Associate Vice Provost).

She is so cheerful and encouraging! Good professional role model (Participant, Public Speaking Workshop).


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